Monday, April 2, 2012

Money Saving Tips When Buying Makeup!

      Makeup could be expensive. It seems like that the more expensive the product is, the better they should be! But sadly, that's untrue. There are great products that could be bought at a drugstore for a much smaller price. Here are a some tips that could help buying makeup easier on your wallet!

-Don’t be a snob; there are great drugstore makeup products out there!
-Eyeshadow may be used several ways. It can be used as a highlight for your brows, cheek bones, nose, lip and even your collar bone!
- A dark shadow is usually used to contour your crease, but if you find just the rights shade it could be used on the hollow of your cheeks, nose, temples and neck to give your face more definition.
-An eyeshadow could also be used as aneyeliner when applied wet or to set your regular liner to prevent smudging
-I prefer buying drugstore mascara, since they don’t last as long as other makeup products. They give the same results anyway!
- Blushes and bronzers could also be used as eyeshadows.
- There are great foundations out there such as the Neutrogena Healthy Skin and Revlon Colorstay, which has different formulation for Combo/Oily and Combo/Dry skin. Drugstore do not usually let their customers test the product, so I suggest buying your foundation, concealer or other products at a store you know will let you return the product, if you find that the shade is not right for you.
-Buy a product that has several purposes –  lipstick in a shade that you prefer and helps smooth your lips; a blush that could also be a highlight; matte eyeshadows that could be used for contouring and filling in the eyebrows; or a tinted moisturizer that has SPF.
- If you truly prefer high end products, then research the store's promotions. Apply for a rewards card from the store that has special offers for their members such as Sephora's Beauty Insider, Ulta's
Ultamate rewards card, Sally's membership and etc. You also get to have free products or services if you are a member! I know I'm dying to have that facial from Ulta!
- Some products have kits or value packages that the company assembles to promote a certain product. They usually have a better deal. Just be careful to know what products are inside. If there are five products and you just truly want one of them and don't care much for the others, then you'll be better off buying just that one product; but if you also like the accompanying products then you just might save a couple dollars! I know Bare Minerals have their Insider packs introducing a certain product. I love them and I save about $20 or more if I were to buy the products separately!
- Palettes are actually a thriftier way to buy makeup. If you know that you like the consistency of the eyeshadow brand then buy their palettes instead of buying one eyeshadow at a time. The Naked palette from Urban Decay comes with 12 eyeshadows, Primer Potion sample, and a brush all for $50. If we compute just the eyeshadows themselves for $50, it'll come out as $4.2 per shadow! That's much better on the wallet compare to the $16 per eyeshadow. Ulta, Sephora, Stila, Tarte and many more compose their own palette. So next time you want to buy a high end eyeshadow, look for the palette first, it just might save you money.
-Before you buy any high end product, check the tester to see if it really works well for you. You could also ask if the store has a sample of the product so you don't have to make a commitment to that product which will most likely cost a lot of money. If you're having a hard time deciding which shade goes well for you, then ask a consultant for help, they will be more than happy to assist you.

       I hope this helped you! Have a great day!

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