Saturday, April 7, 2012

bareMinerals Insider Introducing the Hydrating Lip Tint Review

         I've been wanting try some more bareMinerals product apart from their foundation kits and I've mentioned before that a thriftier way to do it is to buy value packs. bareMinerals have some great packages and I actually saved about $50! I loved most of them and when I run out I will definitely buy some more! Here are the products included and what I thought of them:

Prime Time Primer Shadow    
       I love this product! It's perfect for those on the go moments and times when you need a quick fix! There's no need to apply a primer prior to this because the shadow itself already has a primer! The color is very pretty and natural that it would look great on anyone and any look! It does have a slight hint of shimmer which can bring focus to your eyes! I will buy this again if I run out!

Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara 
       I like this mascara. It's not too clumpy and thick. It is very black. The brush is fairly traditional that it hugs my sparse lashes and makes it look like I have more! I wouldn't buy it again though, just because there are other cheaper mascaras from the drugstore that gives me the same result.

Round the Clock Waterproof Eyeliner
       The 3 pm shade is perfect!!!! I prefer wearing dark brown eyeliners compare to black because they don't make my eyes look smaller, so this works out great for me! The brown does look more bronzy because it has a little shimmer which makes me like it even more since it's different from other brown eyeliners that I have. It last aaaaaallllllllllll day long!!!!!! I'm not kidding! I have plenty of eyeliners that say they wouldn't smudge or fade. But for some reason they do on me. Well, I do have oily skin so that might be a reason! Lol! But this liner doesn't smudge and the intensity looks the same as when I just put it on in the morning. The only thing I don't like about it is I have to sharpen it myself. Call me lazy but I'm not very good at sharpening my eyeliners... :{ Also, you can't just buy it individually, well at least to the stores I've gone to. You have to buy an insider pack to receive and eyeliner from the Round the Clock waterproof line. Wow I wrote a lot! Just shows how much I really like this product! Lol!

Blush in Peek-a-Boo
         I adore this blusher! It gives my face a nice flushed look. You know that kind of color you get after working out. I do think this would look great on anyone. It lasts all day and comes in the click, lock and go innovation Bare Minerals created. I would definitely buy another one!

Hydrating Lip Tint  
       At first look, I was disappointed because I thought the tint would be pinkier, but it's more natural with a hint of pink. It's still very pretty and would look perfect for that natural look that the whole kit is going to give you. I'm not too crazy about the consistency. It almost feels like it's too greasy. The great thing about this tint is it gives you an even color and it last for a decent amount of time. I put it on at night and the next morning I still have that nice natural pink lips! Granted that I didn't do anything with my lips. Once a lip tint dries, some gives you a gradient effect on your lips but this one looks nice and even. I'm not sure if I'll buy another one because I don't really like the product's texture.

         I hope this helps! I just want to remind you, if you're planning to try bareMinerals products buying an insider kit is the practical way to go because it's a much cheaper alternative and you get to try more products! Alright talk to you on my next post! I do have a video of this review. And you get to see what the products actually look like. I'll try to attach it to this post if I can! Take care!!!

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