Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DIY Brush Cleanser

     Cleaning your brushes is a must! Deep cleaning your brushes should be on your planner every week and spot cleaning them is every time after you use it. Although, I gotta admit, I'm lazy about cleaning my brushes. It's such a chore!!!!! But cleaning your brushes will prevent break outs and help your brushes last longer. Spot cleaning your brushes will show your products' true color, not a mix of the eyeshadow you used yesterday and the one you want to use today. The recipe that I'm going to share to you is fairly simple. I actually got it from Enkore, but I doubled the recipe so I don't  have to keep on making it. You might even have all the ingredients in your house already!

Spray bottle
2 cups of purified water
1 tbsp of antibacterial soap (choose a color you prefer)
1 tbsp of a gentle shampoo
1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil or a liquid leave in conditioner
1/2 cup of alcohol (I prefer 90% or more)

     The spray bottle could be bought anywhere such as Target, Walmart, Dollar Tree or any beauty store. Just pour all the liquids in the bottle and shake! Make sure you shake the mixture every time before you spray it onto your brushes. You don't want to get your brushes too wet when spot cleaning it, just enough to get the product out and onto a paper towel. But, if you prefer dipping the brush in a bowl of the cleaner, go ahead. The drying process will just take longer. There is no need to rinse the brush after spraying the cleanser. I also like spraying this on my brushes after deep cleaning it to let the olive oil moisturize the brush bristles and the alcohol fight any remaining bacteria. Remember to dry your brushes flat or upside down! I hope this helped! I'll try to post a video on my YouTube channel: agapesbeautyarmour and attach it to this post. Have a wonderful day!!!!!

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