Monday, April 23, 2012

M.A.C. Haul

  So, the mall near my house always had M.A.C. in the Macy's department store. But this spring season, M.A.C. opened up a new branch in the mall. They have everything that I can get from the M.A.C. section from the department store and more! I was actually able to create my own palette! I've been dying to create one! In this haul, I mostly got blushes that I think would be great for an everyday wear and lipsticks with fun colors!

Studio Fix pressed powder foundation (C40)
6pan blush palette
  Flirt and Tease
  Pinch Me
  Craving (Amplified)
  Crosswires (Creamsheen)
  Jubilee (Lustre)

   That's everything I got. I'm gonna purchase the Fix and Perfect setting spray when I can and I'll let all of you know how it went! I really loved my foundation because it evens out my skin tone giving me a full coverage when needed without looking cakey. The blushes are amazing since they last all day long and have great pigmentation. The ones I bought are also great I'm giving me definition on the cheeks. I specifically bought the blush in Harmony as my contour. Many people use the blush Blunt to do the same thing. The lipsticks are so pigmented that I don't need to apply a lot to have the desired effect. They also keep my lips super soft and lasts for a long time! The price is actually on the low end if you compare them to other high end products. But if you compare them to other drugstore makeups then they are quite expensive. In this haul, I realized that I extremely like M.A.C. products and can't wait to buy some more!

M.A.C. Haul Video! ;)

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