Saturday, April 7, 2012

How to Apply a Blush/Blusher without Looking Like a Clown

          I've seen too many girls or ladies, whatever you prefer, apply blush too heavily. They kind of look like clowns! That was mean but I can't help it, it annoys me too much. The only time I have to wear that much of a blusher is when I'm on a play because the lights really wash out people. Sometimes I feel like coming up to them and tell them that they look ridiculous with that much blusher on! I'm guessing they've never heard of the phrase: a little bit goes a long way. Anyway, enough with the ranting. Let's get down to business on how to apply a blusher.

          There are several ways to apply this, of course, but I want to share to you the two ways I do. I'm not saying you have to do it this way. I'm just saying don't apply too much.

1. The most common way to apply a blusher is on the apple of your cheeks. The easiest way to find this is by smiling. The area on your cheeks that is most "plump" would be the apple. This technique is great for younger people but for someone who has seen more years, not so much. What happens when a more mature woman smiles places her finger on the apple of her cheeks and goes back to her normal expression? The apple of her cheeks actually appears lower compare to when she was smiling. So if she or whoever is applying a blusher, I've seen several guys put on makeup for a play, applies it on the apple of their cheeks; then their cheeks would look saggier. Not so attractive. In theatre makeup, if we wanted to look older we apply the lines for wrinkles and the blusher lower than it should be because it draws the illusion of gravity being your bff.

2. What do I think is the best way to apply a blusher? I think the best way to apply your blusher is like applying a contour. By starting near the hair line of your cheeks, without smiling, and working your way towards the center of your face. This creates the illusion of a more defined cheek bone. Most of the product will be where your natural shadow would be. Because if we actually look at the shadows of our face, near the hair line would be the darkest. Again, a little bit goes a long way. There's no need to apply more of your blusher to make the cheek even because we want that gradient effect -- darker by the hair line and lighter near your nose. This trick would look great on anyone whether your immature or mature! Lol!

        I hope this helped!!! I can't stress enough how unattractive too much blusher look like. So remember, a little bit goes a long way!

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