Friday, February 10, 2012

Prevent Eyeliner and Mascara Smudging

          Raccoon eyes are so unattractive and annoying. Eyeshadow underneath the eyes for a smoky eye effect is wonderful, but when it starts looking like you've got the worst eye bags ever, not so much. Smudging underneath the eyes tends to happen much more during the summer or whenever you sweat. I have several tips I want to share to you. Keep in mind that we have different skin and some of these might not work for you, but just try them and see what happens.

Prevent mascara smudging
Curl your eyelashes for 20-30 seconds each. Also, if you have long eyelashes curl it in two areas: close to the root and near the tips to give it a more natural effect.
Wear waterproof mascara. Waterproof or new mascara tends to be wet and that makes it easier to smudge on your skin. I advise taking off the excess product by scraping it on the tip of the bottle. Some like to put in on their hands but I don't want to waste my product so I just put it in my bottle. Apply on your eyes. You don't have to dip it in again since you just want a little bit of product anyway. This also prevents clumping. If you really like a lot of mascara on your lashes, let it the first coat of mascara dry first, then repeat the whole process.

Prevent eyeliner smudging
Wear waterproof eyeliner.
Wear a primer.
After applying the eyeliner, dab on a matching eyeshadow on top of the liner to extend it wear time.

      I hope these tips help! If you have any you want to share, just let me know and I would greatly appreciate it!

Beauty 2 Go!

I have been traveling a lot lately and I noticed what products I usually carry with me. I don't bring a massively huge purse so these items will be great for those girls who don't want to carry a lot! Also, if youfind that what I'm about to tell you is too much, you can always change it up according to your preference. I love bribing these things when I travel or for regular outing such as going to the mall, school or work. You don't have to use these specific products, again adapt it to whatever works for you or the situation, thee are just the things I prefer. So, the things that are in my makeup bag or purse are:          
          Mattifying powder by Elf. I want to try the Mally one so if you have any comments let me         know.         
         Lipstick of the day
         Possibly a blush
         Hand sanitizer
         Wet wipes for sticky situations
         Tissue for runny noses
         Sanitary napkins/pads/tampon
         Hair Tie
         Bobby Pins
         4 pc. brush set from Flirt!
        Pain Reliever
        Body Spray
        Band aid for cuts and blisters

That seems a lot, but those things are essential whenever I travel. I might take some things out for work or school but that's the main things I like to bring. I hope this helps. I'm trying to post much more often and I hope I can do that! So next time I'll give tips on how to prevent eyeliner and mascara smudging!