Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sculpting Your Eyebrows!

        If you want a more polished look, sculpting your eyebrows would definitely help! This would also help if your eyebrows are not exactly at their best state such as being too thin, uneven, of have unwanted hairs. After I sculpted my eyebrows for the first time, I decided that it is worth the extra time! The process is really simple and fast. The trick: when you apply your gel or shadow or pencil, try to write lines on your eyebrows that would blend in with your natural eyebrows! I bought the e.l.f eyebrow kit from Target and fell in love with it! It really gave my eyebrows more definition without looking too dark or unnatural.


1. Prep your eyebrows by brushing it. if you want your eyes to appear bigger or just look more awake, brush you’re your eyebrows upwards.

2. Take your brush, dip it on the gel of the kit, and coat it well.

3. I section my eyebrows into 3 parts: the section by the inner corner of my eyes, the center, and the tail. I always go to the first section then "write" my eyebrows in. Now, you don't want a long continuous line all the way to your eyebrow, especially if you want it to look natural. try to draw in "hairs" in places you wish there would be more!

4. Take your powder shadow and apple it to your eyebrows using a brush similar to an eyeshadow brush. Do the same trick as if your writing hairs. Keep in mind that you don't want to go past your eyebrows since it might just look like your face is dirty.

5. If you want to brush your eyebrows again, you may.

6. Enjoy your much more polished eyebrows!

            I posted a video down below. Check it out to see how I do mine!

How to Contour Your Nose

            If you don't want your face to look as flat, shadowing your cheekbones, nose and temples would be a good trick. Especially for people with flat face, like I do, shadowing my nose is a must, if I want to look more 3 dimensional. Also for people who are about to take pictures of themselves, if you don't want to look as flat, shadowing you r face would be a good idea. Many of you know how to shadow your cheekbones, but how about your nose? This tutorial will show you how! I have also posted a video on YouTube pertaining to this topic.
            The materials I used are the e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit and C.Q. eyeshadow in Burnt Gold. Now you can use any product you want, and you can easily adapt those products to this tutorial!


1. After applying your foundation and face powder, dip your middle finger in the shadow you want to put on your face. In my case, the light brown powder in the e.l.f. eyebrow kit. After dipping your finger in and making sure that you have enough, spread the powder into your opposite hand's middle finger.

2. When you have equally spread it, apply both fingers with the shadow on the middle of the SIDE of your bridge. Starting at the middle will make it easier to spread the shadow.

3. Rub the shadow up and down on the SIDE of your bridge. Make sure that you go all the way to your eyebrows to make the shadow look more natural.

4. After applying the shadow, highlight the TOP/CENTER of your bridge with a small brush, you could use an eyeshadow brush. I used the CQ eyeshadow in Burnt Gold.

5. Enjoy your much more defined nose!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shockingly Affordable e.l.f Makeup!!!!

    In this review I will talk about e.l.f (eyes lips face) Makeup Mist & Set, Blush, Clarifying Pressed Powder and Eyebrow Kit. I love love love love love love love this brand!!!! The products that they sell at Target are extremely cheap ($1-$3)! I was so excited when I saw it. At first, I was skeptical. Since the products are so cheap, I thought the quality will be poor, but I thought what's the harm with trying it? After using it, I realized that it is amazing!!!!!!!!!! I was afraid that Target might stop selling these products in the future but I found out that you may also buy their products on their website:

    I bought several of their brushes for only a dollar or $3 each and they are so soft and easy to use, I came back at Target and bought some more! Here are just some of the products I bought.

* From left to right: Makeup Mist &Set, Eyebrow Kit, Clarifying Pressed Powder, and Blush

Makeup Mist & Set ($3)
  - I am in love with this! Makeup set sprays tend to be expensive but this one is only$3! An it works extremely well! I work an 8 hour shift at a hospital but at the end of the day, my face looks like I just put my makeup on. I heard of this product from a friend since we were talking about how affordable e.l.f. is and she told me about the mist. I bought it that night and tried it on the next day. I was amazed and told my other friends (free advertising!). They tried it and fell in love with it as well! I will definitely buy this product again!
Eyebrow Kit ($3)
  - This is the first product I've ever bought from e.l.f. and I adore it! I've been wanting to buy a kit to sculpt my eyebrows but always found that the kits I bought before made my eyebrows too dark. This e.l.f eyebrow kit made my eyebrows dark enough that it looks natural. it comes with the dark brown gel, lighter brown powder, and a two sided brush. I would advise that people with much lighter eyebrows to really think about buying this, since I have dark eyebrows and it works perfectly for me. And I'm not sure how it would work for people with much lighter eyebrows. Overall, I'm extremely fond of this kit!
Clarifying Pressed Powder ($1)
  -  This powder blends into my face well when I use the total face brush by e.l.f. I wouldn't advise using the pad that comes with it, since it might make lines on your face, appear that you caked it on too much, and look uneven. It doesn't come in many shades, I'm afraid, but I do hope you find a shade that would work for you.
Blush ($3)
 - These blush stay on for a long time, also they are nicely pigmented. When I put this on, it doesn't feel like I put on too much, which is really nice. There are different colors that I really adore. I already bought 3 blushes!
I do hope you try these products since they are amazing and shockingly affordable! I just want to remind you that I do not get paid to review any of these products.

My Face Cleaning Routine!

             I can't insist enough how important it is to clean you face after your day, especially when you have perspired and worn makeup. When your face gets dirty, the dirt gets embedded in your pores and if you don't wash it off, the dirt will stay there creating blackheads, pimples or other blemishes. Every cleanser is different, it also depends on your face. Some people may have dry face, oily skin, or even combination! If your face is also sensitive, you should take more precaution. For me, I have a combination skin and prone to blackheads.

              The products I'm going to talk about are the products that work for me. These products may also work for you and they are also affordable!

Equate Microdermabrasion Wipes
       - I already made a product review of this from a previous posting, but as a reminder the wipes are amazing! I love love love these wipes so much that I keep on buying them! One pack comes with 60 wipes. You can buy it in 2 packs (120 wipes) for only $7 at Wal-mart!

Up&Up Exfoliating for Blackheads and Blemishes Or St. Ives Exfoliating Scrub for Blackheads
        - These products work wonders for me! They really clean my face and remove dead skin cells. I usually use the Up&Up scrub for an everyday use and the St. Ives if I want an extra boost.

Clean & Clear Blackhead Mask
         - Another product that I really love, even my brother borrows this from me! When I apply this on my face, I can feel it working. It doesn't hurt, it just feels a little cool. You need to apply it on your face just enough that you can't see your skin. It takes a while for it to dry, but when it is, it turns white, then you just rinse it off and pat dry with a soft towel. You can see a big difference after using this product, I just love it!!!

Clean & Clear Astringent
         - This astringent prevents me from getting pimples, especially around the time near my period. The downside is it does dry your skin and the smell is really strong. This happens in every astringent, so you can't really escape it. Just be careful when you put the astringent, since the smell is extremely strong even if it does not touch your eye, it could still hurt just from the fumes. I would still buy this product because, like I said, it prevents pimples and other nasty blemishes!

Clean & Clear Morning Glow Moisturizer
         - This moisturizer is really cool. When I put this on my face, it gives my skin a boost and it creates a glow due to the shimmer that’s in the lotion -- like glitter. It smells fresh and has spf 15. The downside, the moisturizer has a thin consistency than I have to put a lot and on the really dry parts of my face it doesn't work well. But I really like putting this on my face before I put on my make up because of the glowing effect and skin boost!

Petroleum jelly
         - Petroleum Jelly has many uses, one of it is as a moisturizer. On the parts that my face gets extremely dry that it starts flaking, I put this on lightly. My face comes out smooth and soft!

             Just as a reminder, every product works differently on various people. Also, I do not get paid to make any of these reviews.

              I also posted a video on how I do my routine down below.

How to Make Your Very Own Hair Mask!

A girl's hair can make a difference on how she presents herself. Some style their hair by curling, straightening, crimping, dying, perming, relaxing, and I can go on and on about this. Some use a lot of product such as hair spray, hair gel, mousse, anti-frizz, gel, wax, and again I can go on and on about this! But some, all they do is wash their hair and comb it but their hair is still dry or unmanageable! This could be because they don't take in enough vitamins in their body, hence their hair also lacks the vitamins it needs to give the hair its luster. In this issue, I will show you an easy and extremely reliable way to gain your hair's softness and shine!


  • Deep conditioning cream or your regular conditioner
  • Coconut milk
  • Something to mix with (spoon, teaspoon, blunt knife, etc.)
  • Shower cap
  • Hair clip or hair tie
  • Blow dryer (optional)


  1. Gather all the ingredients needed. For the deep conditioner, you can use a product that you already have that doesn't work for you or your favorite conditioner. If you just bought and new conditioner, you may need a separate bottle since we're going to add on to that. The coconut milk can be bought in any grocery store, especially if they have an Asian section. The milk may come in a box or a can, and is really cheap!
  2. If your using a new conditioner, pour it in a separate bottle about half way; if not, then just open up your conditioner.
  3. Shake the can or bottle of your coconut milk really well before opening it, but if you already did just stir it with a spoon.
  4. Now, combine your  ingredients! Pour the coconut milk into the bottle with your conditioner a little at a time. You want a consistency that is similar to a cake batter or a runny regular conditioner.
  5. Mix your batter or shake it, making sure that the conditioner on the bottom of the bottle is also mixed in with the rest.

  1. Apply the mixture into a clean, damp hair just the way you would your regular conditioner. Remember to focus on the tips of your hair since this is the part that gets the least vitamins.

  1. Comb your hair out to ensure that every part of your hair is covered with your brand new hair mask!
  2. Gather your hair in a bun with a clip or a hair tie and cover it with a shower cap.
  3. If you want the best result, blow dry your hair that's in the shower cap for 15 minutes. If you don’t want to blow dry, leave it in for about 30 minutes. If you just want a quick pick me up, you can leave it for 5 minutes, it really depends on how soft you want your hair to be.
  4. Keep the mixture in the fridge if you have any left overs and use it again when needed
  5. Rinse your hair thoroughly and style as usual!
  6. Enjoy your soft and silky hair!

I posted a video of this on YouTube and I'm going to try to add it in here as well. I hope how-to instruction helped you out!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to Make Your Very Own Leave-in Conditioner

Most people want their hair to be soft and healthy, and I have a tip for you that will cost you only a little money or no money at all! Leave-in conditioner can keep a person's hair soft, but sometimes we need a little fixer now, or just don't want to spend our hard earned money! Leave-in conditioners are  also a good way to make your hair smelling fresh if you do not have time to take a shower, especially after encountering bad odors like cigarette smoke, food, and sweat.  So here is the tip: just use the conditioner you have now, a bottle spray and some water.


  • Bottle spray (You can use a bottle from an old spray product just be sure to really wash it before using it again.)
  • Conditioner that you like
  • Water (Distilled water is preferred but regular water is just fine, although it may cause some build up in your hair.)

          Open up the bottle spray and put your conditioner in it. Think of 2 to 1 ratio of water to conditioner, yet keeping in mind that you want it liquidly enough that it can go through the spray. I used two conditioners, one of it is Riveting Reds that I picked up from Sally Beauty Supply because I have red hair and would love to make it lasts as long as possible, and the other is Pantene Classic since it really makes my hair soft.
    Then add water.
        Shake it like there is no tomorrow! Make sure that the conditioner on the bottom of the bottle mixes in with the water.
         Spray on to your hair. It is best if your hair is a little damp, but if its not just spritz on a little bit of water then your hair will be ready for your  new customized leave-in hair conditioner. Just a little tip, if you put too much leave-in conditioner, it can leave your hair heavy and greasy. This can be easily fixed though -- just blow dry your hair then you are good to go! Now your hair will smell fresh, feel good and look healthy! Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Grand Posting!!!

    Happy Grand Posting!!! So this is my very first posting! I am super excited and delighted that I actually strated this. At first, this idea to create a blog is a little fantasy, but I'm proud to say that I actually created it!
      I just love how to instructions and videos that I decided that it would be great if I can share what I have learned. I learned how to chrochet, knit, bleach and dye my hair, and even make chicken cordon bleu from other people. I would really like to share this feeling with someone else!
      I have also decided to start taking better care of myself, and a way to keep track of it will be through here! I also want to share my experience, whether good or bad, and you can decide if you want to try it for yourself! I usually do the very basics of a good hygein -- taking showers, brushing my teeth, shaving, etc. Ever since I started to bleach and dye my hair, I've realized that I need to take extra good care of my luscious mane (LOL), leading me to think that I should take care of my whole body. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, people tend to like a person more if he or she is pleasant than if they were obnoxious, but looking pretty can make me feel better about myself. I know that I have a good heart, and always have the best intentions, but sometimes I could be superficial as well, which is not bad as long it has its limits.
      I have so many ideas on what to post next, be it my INSTEAD OF... portion or how to instructions, or the new regimen I'm trying, which is the lemon regimen as a lightening agent. I've recently encountered an infection on my leg which left it unvenly pigmented. Since I heard many people telling me to use lemons if I want to lighten certain parts of my skin, and also read about; I decided, "Heck, why not? It's worth a shot." So here I am rubbing a lemon slice on my leg. I would go much more in depth once I have taken several pictures of my current leg situation.

       I opted for a PRODUCT REVIEW!
                 Product: Equate Micro Dermabrasion Exfoliating Cleansing Towelettes

      * I love these towelettes!When I took a Theatre Make-up class at my school, I needed wipes for my face, since I wasn't planning on going around campus with character make-up, so I went on a hunt for one! I get this product from Wal-Mart. It comes in a plastic pack, although you may get one from a plastic container, but I get the ones that come in a 2 pack of 60 towelettes, giving me 120 toweettes over all. I paid at the most $7 for this baby! If you get the other brands of make-up wipes you can pay around $2 for 10 wipes, clearly the Equate brand is much cheaper.
                          What I really love about this product is that it is two sided. One side is smooth that allows you to take off your make-up easily, then the other side has bumps on it, creating the exfoliant effect. The exfoliated part allows me to rub face off of dirt residue that I clearly want to be rid off. The down side, there are times, especially when I perspire, that after wiping my face, it can feel sticky. But no worries! Just make sure you are cooled off before using this product. This really is a great product, if you need to freshen up your face after working out or just from being outside, this is a great tool to have. Oh, did I mention that it is infused with cucumber, aloe and green tea, which has cooling effects and can reduce puffiness. I'm telling you, the Equate Micro Dermabrasion Exfoliating Cleansing Towelettes pack is really good that I will keep on my buying it!
       *Just a quick reminder, I'm not getting paid to make any of these reviews.          
       So that is it for my first posting on my new blog! I hope you enjoy it!!! There are many more to come!!!!