Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sculpting Your Eyebrows!

        If you want a more polished look, sculpting your eyebrows would definitely help! This would also help if your eyebrows are not exactly at their best state such as being too thin, uneven, of have unwanted hairs. After I sculpted my eyebrows for the first time, I decided that it is worth the extra time! The process is really simple and fast. The trick: when you apply your gel or shadow or pencil, try to write lines on your eyebrows that would blend in with your natural eyebrows! I bought the e.l.f eyebrow kit from Target and fell in love with it! It really gave my eyebrows more definition without looking too dark or unnatural.


1. Prep your eyebrows by brushing it. if you want your eyes to appear bigger or just look more awake, brush you’re your eyebrows upwards.

2. Take your brush, dip it on the gel of the kit, and coat it well.

3. I section my eyebrows into 3 parts: the section by the inner corner of my eyes, the center, and the tail. I always go to the first section then "write" my eyebrows in. Now, you don't want a long continuous line all the way to your eyebrow, especially if you want it to look natural. try to draw in "hairs" in places you wish there would be more!

4. Take your powder shadow and apple it to your eyebrows using a brush similar to an eyeshadow brush. Do the same trick as if your writing hairs. Keep in mind that you don't want to go past your eyebrows since it might just look like your face is dirty.

5. If you want to brush your eyebrows again, you may.

6. Enjoy your much more polished eyebrows!

            I posted a video down below. Check it out to see how I do mine!

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