Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shockingly Affordable e.l.f Makeup!!!!

    In this review I will talk about e.l.f (eyes lips face) Makeup Mist & Set, Blush, Clarifying Pressed Powder and Eyebrow Kit. I love love love love love love love this brand!!!! The products that they sell at Target are extremely cheap ($1-$3)! I was so excited when I saw it. At first, I was skeptical. Since the products are so cheap, I thought the quality will be poor, but I thought what's the harm with trying it? After using it, I realized that it is amazing!!!!!!!!!! I was afraid that Target might stop selling these products in the future but I found out that you may also buy their products on their website:

    I bought several of their brushes for only a dollar or $3 each and they are so soft and easy to use, I came back at Target and bought some more! Here are just some of the products I bought.

* From left to right: Makeup Mist &Set, Eyebrow Kit, Clarifying Pressed Powder, and Blush

Makeup Mist & Set ($3)
  - I am in love with this! Makeup set sprays tend to be expensive but this one is only$3! An it works extremely well! I work an 8 hour shift at a hospital but at the end of the day, my face looks like I just put my makeup on. I heard of this product from a friend since we were talking about how affordable e.l.f. is and she told me about the mist. I bought it that night and tried it on the next day. I was amazed and told my other friends (free advertising!). They tried it and fell in love with it as well! I will definitely buy this product again!
Eyebrow Kit ($3)
  - This is the first product I've ever bought from e.l.f. and I adore it! I've been wanting to buy a kit to sculpt my eyebrows but always found that the kits I bought before made my eyebrows too dark. This e.l.f eyebrow kit made my eyebrows dark enough that it looks natural. it comes with the dark brown gel, lighter brown powder, and a two sided brush. I would advise that people with much lighter eyebrows to really think about buying this, since I have dark eyebrows and it works perfectly for me. And I'm not sure how it would work for people with much lighter eyebrows. Overall, I'm extremely fond of this kit!
Clarifying Pressed Powder ($1)
  -  This powder blends into my face well when I use the total face brush by e.l.f. I wouldn't advise using the pad that comes with it, since it might make lines on your face, appear that you caked it on too much, and look uneven. It doesn't come in many shades, I'm afraid, but I do hope you find a shade that would work for you.
Blush ($3)
 - These blush stay on for a long time, also they are nicely pigmented. When I put this on, it doesn't feel like I put on too much, which is really nice. There are different colors that I really adore. I already bought 3 blushes!
I do hope you try these products since they are amazing and shockingly affordable! I just want to remind you that I do not get paid to review any of these products.

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