Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Face Cleaning Routine!

             I can't insist enough how important it is to clean you face after your day, especially when you have perspired and worn makeup. When your face gets dirty, the dirt gets embedded in your pores and if you don't wash it off, the dirt will stay there creating blackheads, pimples or other blemishes. Every cleanser is different, it also depends on your face. Some people may have dry face, oily skin, or even combination! If your face is also sensitive, you should take more precaution. For me, I have a combination skin and prone to blackheads.

              The products I'm going to talk about are the products that work for me. These products may also work for you and they are also affordable!

Equate Microdermabrasion Wipes
       - I already made a product review of this from a previous posting, but as a reminder the wipes are amazing! I love love love these wipes so much that I keep on buying them! One pack comes with 60 wipes. You can buy it in 2 packs (120 wipes) for only $7 at Wal-mart!

Up&Up Exfoliating for Blackheads and Blemishes Or St. Ives Exfoliating Scrub for Blackheads
        - These products work wonders for me! They really clean my face and remove dead skin cells. I usually use the Up&Up scrub for an everyday use and the St. Ives if I want an extra boost.

Clean & Clear Blackhead Mask
         - Another product that I really love, even my brother borrows this from me! When I apply this on my face, I can feel it working. It doesn't hurt, it just feels a little cool. You need to apply it on your face just enough that you can't see your skin. It takes a while for it to dry, but when it is, it turns white, then you just rinse it off and pat dry with a soft towel. You can see a big difference after using this product, I just love it!!!

Clean & Clear Astringent
         - This astringent prevents me from getting pimples, especially around the time near my period. The downside is it does dry your skin and the smell is really strong. This happens in every astringent, so you can't really escape it. Just be careful when you put the astringent, since the smell is extremely strong even if it does not touch your eye, it could still hurt just from the fumes. I would still buy this product because, like I said, it prevents pimples and other nasty blemishes!

Clean & Clear Morning Glow Moisturizer
         - This moisturizer is really cool. When I put this on my face, it gives my skin a boost and it creates a glow due to the shimmer that’s in the lotion -- like glitter. It smells fresh and has spf 15. The downside, the moisturizer has a thin consistency than I have to put a lot and on the really dry parts of my face it doesn't work well. But I really like putting this on my face before I put on my make up because of the glowing effect and skin boost!

Petroleum jelly
         - Petroleum Jelly has many uses, one of it is as a moisturizer. On the parts that my face gets extremely dry that it starts flaking, I put this on lightly. My face comes out smooth and soft!

             Just as a reminder, every product works differently on various people. Also, I do not get paid to make any of these reviews.

              I also posted a video on how I do my routine down below.

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