Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to Make Your Very Own Leave-in Conditioner

Most people want their hair to be soft and healthy, and I have a tip for you that will cost you only a little money or no money at all! Leave-in conditioner can keep a person's hair soft, but sometimes we need a little fixer now, or just don't want to spend our hard earned money! Leave-in conditioners are  also a good way to make your hair smelling fresh if you do not have time to take a shower, especially after encountering bad odors like cigarette smoke, food, and sweat.  So here is the tip: just use the conditioner you have now, a bottle spray and some water.


  • Bottle spray (You can use a bottle from an old spray product just be sure to really wash it before using it again.)
  • Conditioner that you like
  • Water (Distilled water is preferred but regular water is just fine, although it may cause some build up in your hair.)

          Open up the bottle spray and put your conditioner in it. Think of 2 to 1 ratio of water to conditioner, yet keeping in mind that you want it liquidly enough that it can go through the spray. I used two conditioners, one of it is Riveting Reds that I picked up from Sally Beauty Supply because I have red hair and would love to make it lasts as long as possible, and the other is Pantene Classic since it really makes my hair soft.
    Then add water.
        Shake it like there is no tomorrow! Make sure that the conditioner on the bottom of the bottle mixes in with the water.
         Spray on to your hair. It is best if your hair is a little damp, but if its not just spritz on a little bit of water then your hair will be ready for your  new customized leave-in hair conditioner. Just a little tip, if you put too much leave-in conditioner, it can leave your hair heavy and greasy. This can be easily fixed though -- just blow dry your hair then you are good to go! Now your hair will smell fresh, feel good and look healthy! Enjoy!!!

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