Thursday, March 29, 2012

Prevent that Cakey Look! My Updated Foundation Routine 3/29/12

           So, every once in a while we find ourselves finding new products that we would love to try and for me it’s been the Revlon Colorstay foundation. I worked my routine around this new product. I found that I really love this liquid foundation. It gives me enough coverage to last the whole day and it doesn’t make my face look oily or dry. I did buy the foundation that is meant for combination normal/oily skin. And when I took it to Philippines, no matter how sweaty or oily I got I still had the foundation on! I admit it’s not just the foundation; it also has to base upon what other products you’re using. If you, have oily skin just like me and you use oil based primer then there goes that matte perfection. Therefore, you have to think the other products you use. Now, if you have dry skin, Revlon does have the same Colorstay foundation but for combination normal/dry skin. An oil based primer would also be beneficial since it’ll give your face that extra moisture. I also, found that Neutrogena Healthy Skin is perfect for that dewy look. I realized this when my face was super dry during the winter months. Let’s get started:

·         I start with my Olay toner and let that dry on my face.

·         I then apply a tiny amount of Olay Complete SPF 15 moisturizer and let that set in for a good amount of time. You can have breakfast while waiting for this to set, or the way I do it is I put on my clothes and fix my hair.

·         Once, the moisturizer has seeped in, I smooth in my Rimmel Fix and Perfect PRO primer and let that dry for a couple minutes. This is when I do the next step for my routine.

·         I take a clean sponge, go to the bathroom and wet my sponge with warm to lukewarm water and squeeze out the water. You will notice that the sponge is softer and bigger.

·         After that, I dab my Revlon foundation with my finger tip on certain areas of my face such as nose, cheek, forehead, chin, jaw and under my eyes.

·         I smooth out the foundation by dabbing the sponge all over my face the way you would with a stipple brush. And blend the foundation out towards the hairline and don’t forget to take it all the way down to your jaw so as not to create a line. There really is no need to reapply foundation twice or three times since this gives your face a full coverage. If you do, then that’s when you will start having that cakey look on your face.

·         I then apply my Garnier BB eye roll on my eye circles to diminish puffiness and decrease dark circles.

·         I dab on my Revlon Photo Ready concealer on problem areas and my nose bridge to accentuate my nose.

·         I don’t set it yet since I want to give it time to settle on my face. This helps prevent that cakey look. So I do my eyes and eyebrows first.

·         When I finish with my eyes, that’s when I set my foundation with my Sephora Matte Press Powder Foundation.

·         And wala! It’s all done! Now, you may apply whatever blush, bronzer, highlight and lipstick you prefer! Enjoy your look!

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